2010 Predictions

Based the trends at Première Vision New York this is how the future looks... Spring/Summer 2010

Buttons: muted pastel with gold inserts, rectangular or oval wooden , leather knots and professor styles
Trims: silver and metallic yarns in lace braids
Prints: Punchy minimalist and modern repeats in wide and over sized layouts and watercolor fades

Fabric Finishes: muted shine, iridescent, and ripple (wrinkled unpressed) effects and ultra matte

Vintage inspired "luxury rags": layered organic laces in soft beige and tinted pinks (mauve mist, sand rose, complexion, face powder, petal and shell)
Chiffon: with graphic over prints (vintage and pop floral, baroque repeats and watercolors)
Jersey: woven stripes in micro thin gauges
Irregularities: spaced inconsistency lace weaves with digital print overlays
Plaids: candy like colourations paired with discrete, classic pinstripe suiting
Checks: thin line works in small repeat scales, very classic and refined
Blue Graphics: lots and lots of blue hues (ink, delft, turquoise, fair weather and storm)
Witty Boldness: 2 -3 color basic and clean prints in bright primary colours

1. Utopian: Return to heritage
Design is inspired by ideals and alternatives; indigenous cultures of Oceania and Africa are all interpreted within a modern context. Coastal extremes, Aboriginal art and African aesthetics present a pleasing clash of values and blend of cultural unity. Tribal rhythms are balanced with innovative use of natural materials and resources.
2. Conscious and Natural
The calm and sophisticated traveler cruising the Riviera, whisking away by air and embarking on classic train journeys. It's a return to old world values and ethics as classic styles are revisited with bespoke alternatives.
3. Free spirited
"Retro" neo-hippy and carefree attitude. Imagine the all American road trip along Highway 5's coastline and nights in California motels. Inspiration steaming from vintage postcards, poolside images, Hawaiian beaches and Janis Joplin. Lightweight and airy chiffon fabrics with floral prints.
4. Kinetic Crossovers
The ebbs and flows of energy and movement. Dance and athletic wear transitioning into everyday apparel as lifestyles morph with the use of intelligent textile fabrications. Traditional sports collide head on with into effortless street wear.