Russian Crimial Tattoo Encyclopedia

How you ever seen David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises (2007)? Yes, please feed my sick and twisted needs! Straight from the theater to the main source, Russian Criminal Encyclopedia Vol II .

This weekend I spent a lovely day with a partner in crime, talking for hours about all things that fascinates me? Is it possible that this could be, my head was left spinning like a fiend for more culture, design and art.

I must, I must complete the collection off to Amazon I go. I have learned I have quite an asset in Vol II now worth $150. My dear, the first edition is a dream at $400! For $21 Vol III is obtainable but how I love order and completeness... thank you Paul Smith for making creating a double edge sword, the demand of cult following burning desire in my pockets and confirming I was well on track two years ago :)

Oh and of course, I must not forget that Paul is my idol. Thanks for making those in the know look good and carrying the complete collection for a mere £30 each!

Ensure your cock and balls remain in tack! Look, listen and learn or loose your life saving on Amazon: (get a steal on the First Edition and Vol II from Pauly!)

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