Eclipse of the era

A week's wait passed as Saturday morning snow grazed the surfaces. Passing moments on the marble slabs, sketching, glazing onward at the rendezvous shared by many more in motion. Imagining long lost times when dandies and quanitrelles rushes to and fro, all things come alive. Such breathtaking interior, one of few found westward. Entrancing turquoise skylines bearing astrological beginnings that echo whispers from the chambers and liberate individuals as the golden clock strikes. Scurrying off to the platform, the conductor's bell rings as the steam engine rolls onward alongside the Hudson.

What secrets are shared on the reverse of these photographs, did the recipient ever receive the notice and who's hands have they crossed along their journey to the current placement. Ranging from the early 1900s to the post-War era, Zoe Leonard's collection of postcards bearing Niagara Falls images, You see I am here after all, can be found at the Dia: Beacon through September 2, 2009. It would have been much more intriguing had they been hung so that both sides were visible.

These correspondences, all of the same natural site, uniquely reflect the photographers vantage point and the senders renditions. Slowly pulling into the station, who will write home? Are the temporals leaving or coming?

A memoir has collegiated in the dwelling. With each reach for the tea's milk smirks and laughter enlighten the days. Who's will then collect mine from the flea markets in years to come?

In this instance, a segment of Andy Warhol's 102 paintings titled Shadows taken from in front of the gray settee sat on in previous hours has been chosen. When the gardens reopen, we shall return book in hand for a day in the life of leisure.