hello, my name is suave, rico suave and i'm the bloke who passes on the way in everyday.
i wear black italian made suits with little pocket hankies and brown brogues. sometimes i carry a brolly but today is your lucky day... 

nice to bump into you ladies and gentlemen, i am the fattie who takes up half of your seat.  yes, i know i should pay for two seats, but i'm too cheap as i waste all my dosh on crisps and whispa delights.  have you seen that women who races the buses, she's mad i tell you.  

this is serious, serious business people and i'm running late. the world will stop without me, never mind if i nearly knock you over, i'm far more important than the likes of you. 

oi oi now please i've got something to say and i'm going to say it loud.  

oh how i flow in the traffic, weaving in and out of the obstacles, defying walking patterns. i'm as light as a feather, only kate is thinner, my spirits are high and the air is much clearer where i stand. 

i am the mother and you will do as i tell you.  i will build you up when you are down and show you failure is your greatest success, together you will learn to learn.  

and the faces of this shadow dance, revealed... 

there is one, one with feet on the ground and head in the clouds, casting BLANK (insert here). 

a different perspective. 

(must borrow to blag a pixel upgrade)



Listened and no longer listening -
Are we all just Thieves In The Night, tempting the flames, would it be better if you just Hand Me Down Your Love.  He said “I Feel Better, I’m not sure I could handle another One Life Stand.” Brothers and sisters ask yourself does the Slush lend you to being Alley Cats or do you justify actions by claiming “We Have Love.” Please hush now child, do Keep Quiet as we Take It All In, this divided life of weekend tree houses where you play.

Preferred choice - 

Let us remain Friends Forever, www.conquergear.com.  


It is obvious

that I love Paul
and this casket!  

Smith that is.