Joie Refugee distressed leather lace up boots with leather sole, an essential.


Tricking out a new ride. Back off hipsters.


Last night a good friend shared a link, http://www.republicbike.com, after hearing that Ruby the Cannondale was no longer around and now a new bike might just be in order!  If only I can figure out which one to get.  The interactive site lets the user create their own dream machine.  Huumm flashy or conservative and do they ship abroad? Nope on in the USA and Canada.  Fixed or free you decide!  Needless to say it's an entertaining website.  Pick your options and let Republic do the rest of the work, made to order. 

Bloody Eureka!

 Drip, 2008
States of Limbo, 2007

Svayambh, 2007

Basically,  Anish Kapoor is at the forefront of my inspiration. Period.

Finding significant colour inspiration from his works, enjoying the monotone pop contrast.  A mathematical function preserving given order with a hint of disarray.

Anish Kapoor (born Bombay, 1954) has been a native Londoner since the early 70s.  He studied at Hornsey College of Art and Chelsea School of Art Design. http://www.anishkapoor.com/



A few solid favs from the Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2009 collection that might just do the trick, hint hint, or a sweet treat.


SHOW:studio Fashion Revolution

Professor of Fashion Imagery at London College of Fashion Penny Martin and Alistair O'Neil, Senior Research Fellow at Central Saint Martins, present Fashion Revolution in partnership with SHOW:studio.  SHOW:studio is Nick Knight. 

Uniting 'Process', 'Performance' and 'Participation'

More info click here

Venue: Somerset House, The Strand, London WC2R 1LA.
Date: 17 September - 20 December 2009

Daniel Maidman's Mighty Women

Daniel Maidman's latest life size painting, Merops Iphikrates, oil on canvas 60" x 36", demands your attention!  It's no longer a matter of asking, Daniel's paintings insist viewers to take a step back and acknowledge the subjects' powers.  Merops Iphikrates, is the latest in the "Mighty Women" series.


I still <3 paul.


London Boys...


Charleston Irony.

x, a.graves


Who do you love?


Barbie was a Blonde, "The Frog and The Princess"

And so the story goes...

brought to you by Piers Atkinson.


Grassroots Movements, T-shirts for change

Hello world,

Looking to make a difference on many levels? Imagine a place where the consumer spending yields a 50/50 split towards donation, plus the donor gets a token in return! 

Thanks to One Tribe buyers like you can get a natural T-shirt, male or female, composed from “eco-textiles.” By blending bamboo,  an antimicrobial and antibacterial material, with 100% organic cotton consumers can help reduce waste and chemicals such as those necessitated by traditional cotton production.

In addition, One Tribe T-shirts are silk screened by Go West, a environmental friendly screen printing shop that uses wind power to run its presses, dryer, and lights. The company also uses eco-friendly citrus, soy, and organic materials for printing.

One Tribe T-shirt designs support efforts such as the Child Helpline International, Global Village of Beijing, Grassroots Soccer, Peace Jam and Water.org with 50% of the end cost donated towards their efforts. 

Child Helpline International: 
Helping children in need of care and protection all over the world with child helplines.
One shirt1 shirt provides two weeks of helpline support for children in developing countries

Learn more childhelplineinternational.org

Global Village of Beijing: 
Working together to provide environmental insights for the future of China.
One shirt equals1 shirt purchases 8 reusable bags (made by rural people) and reduces the use of thousands of plastic bags
Learn more gvbchina.org

Grassroots Soccer:

Using the power of soccer in the fight against AIDS by providing African youth the knowledge, skills + support to live HIV free.

One shirt1 shirt equips one child in Africa with the knowledge, skills, & support to live HIV free
Learn more grassrootsoccer.org

Peace Jam: 
Connecting youth with Nobel Peace laureates to create global change.
One shirt1 shirt helps a youth to attend a global leadership training conference with a Nobel Peace Prize winner
Learn more peacejam.org

Working for the day when everyone in the world can take a safe drink of water.
One shirt1 shirt provides a person in a developing country access to clean drinking water for life
Learn more water.org


rE-versible printed laptop sleeves

Check out these super brilliant Macbook Pro polychloroprene reversible laptop sleeves.  Featuring Contour's custom patterns on one side and a solid color on the other, these functional laptop coverings protect geeks like me from scratching the beautiful, aluminum Apple casing while still appearing a slight bit in the know.  Duh,  the pink pinstripe one (note: design director - hello who let the retoucher get away with the yellowed ground finish?).