Beauty of Textiles

Photographed by LuQman Kaka www.luqmanfotography.com
Textiles by April Renee Graves


Fall Winter 2010 Textile & Fabric Trends

Notes from the New York Fall Winter 2010 Textile and Fabric Trend show Premiere Vision

rough thick twill
voluminous lightness - mohair felts
sulled refinement - fine, transparent jersey wovens with metallic threads
sooty - attached micro circle sequins, large dark grids, subtle pinstripes
shabby interiors - large paisleys, monotone and tri color brocades
mossy thickness - looped fur
clean up art - geometrics with floral overprints, psychedelics, large herringbones/houndstooths printed on lace
augmented - crinkle chiffon and taffeta with knitted yarn hems
magnified tweeds - gold washed, black shine overlay, degrade twills
winter flowers - teal/burnt organge/grey, navy/dk - lt poppy/lime/turquoise, plum/burgundy/rust
exaggerated - lame' yarn, twills, multi constructions, pink fur, teared feather levels
casualised elegance - micro jaquard weaves in grey/brown/burgundy
underlining - plaid in warp with filling yarns in red/white/blue plaids no bigger than 2" repeats
languid softness - micro suede in dulled metallic colors, silk taffeta and thin plaids with individual felted yarns
excessive - attached treatments with pillow top effects that are disconnected, large seam pressed wrinkles
sparkling austerity - sequins, black velvet, filling yarn shiny pinstripes
metal dust - dull blue/champagne/silver/burgundy
functional allure - technology advances fabrics, four way stretch
cross gender geo - plaid with paisley stripes, medallions, regimental polo stripes in jersey

For photos and additional information from Premiere Vision Fall Winter 2010 New York click here

Fall Winter 2010 Pantone Colors

1. lichen 2. taupe 3. brown sugar 4. absinthe 5. mead 6. blush 7. grain of salt 8. light concrete 9. moondust 10. dim sky 11. silk stocking 12. lipstick red 13. theatrical red 14. black forest 15. heart of night 16. eggplant leather 17. checky pink 18. anti-rust 19. meteorite 20. black hole 21. avocado mouse 22. green light 23. cowhide 24. school bus 25. ponytail 26. olive leaf



My Morning Jacket


Matches and Flames in Paris

Friendly Fires

Stay here Hotel Esmeralda 4, Rue St Julien Le Pauvre, Paris - +33 1 43 54 19 20
Dylan, Jagger and the likes did, the penthouse suite with three beds.


Landscape of Levi Van Veluw

Levi Van Veluw: Miniature animals, cars, full make-up in all four seasons. A romantic landscape on a gorgeous 3d canvas, I'm in love.


Paris Men's Fashion Week: trend round-up | News | Drapers

Paris Men's Fashion Week: trend round-up | News | Drapers

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(I) was a lover; I am a lover

I was a lover, before this war
held up in a luxury suite, behind a barricaded door
now that I've cleaned up, gone legit
I can see clearly: round hole
round whole, square peg don't fit

I'm locked in my bedroom, so send back the clowns
my clone wears a brown shirt, and I seduce him when there's no one around
mano y mano, on a bed of nails
bring it on like a storm, till I knock the wind out of his sails
And we don't make eye contact, when we have run-in's in town
just a barely polite nod, and nervous stares towards the ground
I once joined a priest class, plastic, inert
in a slowdance with commerce
like a lens up a skirt

And we liked to party
and we kept it live
and we had a three volume tome of contemporary slang
to keep a handle on all this jive

Ennui unbridled, let's talk to kill the time
how many styles did you cycle through before you were mine?
and it's been a while since we went wild and that's all fine
but we're sleepwalking through this trial
and it's really a crime it's really a crime it's really a crime
it's really criminal

We're just busy tempting, like fate's on the nod
running on empty, bourbon and god
it's been a while since we knew the way
and it's been even longer since our plastic priest class
had a goddamned thing to say

I was a lover before this war


Take This Mic

Kings of Leon


RYZ Shoe Design Competiion

Three shoe pattern designs submitted for the RYZ design competition. To vote click on the design hyper-links below
1. Royal Jelly 2. Tour d'Afrique, 3. Rubina,

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A Tale Of Things To Come

The Black Keys, Meet Me In The City

From Shirley May's Vintage Collection

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Birds and Flowers on Etsy

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