How to cure just about anything!

the good old fashioned southern way.

A swift change from case of blues to red, headaches (temporarily), love sickness, relief from taking advantage of social anxiety to name a few but in this case it was bronchitis.

1. Raid grandma's pantry for a mason jar or empty her iced tea glass

2. Grab handfulls of semi soft peppermint puffs from a local confectionair

3. Play hoops until the jar is full (in some cases this may take hours)

4. Fill to the brim and give thanks to Jack, Jim or another trusted friend

5.  Watch the sunset on the front porch as the mints dissolve into syrup

6. Swig as needed

Thanks for tuning into kitchen traditions on this branded channel, who for the record does not take responsibility for erratic behaviour one may perform as a result from any suggestions given.  Country code applies,  this remedy is only suitable for children who have difficulties sleeping.