LFW: Red Blooded Americana

All the LFW print collaterals deconstructed into this construction of trends


Paperself Yourself

See the world threw a new set of eyelashes with Paperself.  Established in 2009 by London designer Chunwei Liao, Paperself's eye lash range is inspired by the Chinese art of paper-cutting traditions with inventive adaptions.

Not only does Paperself make super stylish adornments for the eyes but they also create alternative furnture, homewear and accessroires of the ecoconscious living.

For those who missed Paperself at Somerset House during London Fashion Week you can check out more here:  Paperself


A Dangerous Bunch...


Every Girl Must Have A Rabbit

Whilst running for the last train to the next destination from Sketch, a group of men where shouting "Excuse me miss, you dropped something." In a state of dismay looking back there it was laying in the middle of the sidewalk on Regent's Street.  

Oh no, how could it be!  And in the middle of the sidewalk! Every girl knows she must have a trusty rabbit.

Saved from disappointment just when they were almost written off for whistle type antics.   A shout back, "Oh thanks boys!  What would a girl to do without her rabbit? "

Yes, it is London Fashion Week. No, a pink rabbit fur collar is not that absurd.  This is my only rabbit that is not alive.


Falling in love with the "ladies"

In talks with Richard Farley.

Not the Texas Richard Farley aka the stalker but the type of bloke one would want to be stalked by,  the Principle dancer from The Royal Ballet who currently has a pop-up called Gallery 16 in Covent Garden.

Farley's exhibition, "A Life In Dance," consists of behind the scenes photographs freezing the lives such as Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn in seconds taken during his dance career in the 1950s. 

What was expected to be a 30 minute peek soon turned into nearly two hours of pure privilege as Farley himself reminisced tales of behind the scene rehearsals and days on the road performing.  Farley said "One must always have a lady, with a lovely lady anything in possible" but what exactly is a lady remains unknown.  Be it dance, be it photography or his stories about the ballerinas (his reason for pursing dance in the first place) Farley is definitely a man of many ladies.  

Truly worth popping in to hear even one of his stories - the photographer has arranged Gallery 16 himself and remains on premises until 5 March


Call A Nurse

For those of you men who have not had the privilege of viewing the ladies room at The Hospital Club, here is what you have been missing. Oh and each room has different wall treatments, this is only one of four!


If I am woman ...

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Natural Explosions