Banksy "Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill"

It was the summer of 2002 when I saw my very first Banksy, although he has been doing graffiti artwork since the 80s. It is believed that he was born in 1974 in Bristol, but as Banksy is a pseudo-anonymous very few now the real person behind his monumental works. Due to the strenuous time demands for graffiti, since 2002 he mainly uses a secret stenciling method to avoid getting caught.

Its was that day in London when I decided to make a more long term move, four years and running. Living in the city I used his works as references for navigating my way around the not exactly grid blocked streets. There are four Banksy pieces here in New York, that I am aware of, which some how make me feel a little more at home. There is much debate amongst the crowds regarding if these pieces were created by Banksy himself.

Today commences his first official exhibition in New York, the "Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill." I was beginning to wonder what “mechanically retrieved meat” was in store, if it’s all in the cheeky allude to those waiting in line who had been lured as a result LED screen hype such as here. The theme of the show seemed to be centered around the fast food, over consuming, self loathing culture predominate in the very country looking onward. Ironic that on the walk to the pet store today many pedestrians had bought into the commercial need for hiding behind costume and cosmetic layers. Hefner bunnies were on the prowl, all the day’s activities written off as a holiday.

Not bad for Art’s Greatest Briton, an award titled to Banksy for the record high “Space Girl & Bird” piece auctioned off for £288,000 (US$576,000) on On 27 April 2007.

There It is rumored that on December 2nd another exhibition will open at 1:00 pm. The gallery is situated at 502 W. 27th Street, New York, NY 10001.

To be confirmed...


Kenneth Long Thomas

As my two year anniversary in New York approaches I have been reflecting on my most memorable experiences. Overwhelmingly filling my mind are the projects, that challenged me as a designer and provided invaluable life long lessons, where I had the privilege of working alongside of “Kenny.”

After designing at Polo Ralph Lauren, Kenny went on to pursue his career as a professional independent photographer. He has an amazing eye for detail that is captured in every snapshot coupled with a profound ability to communicate the subject’s mood. Kenny’s compositions express the precise moment clearly to the viewer while mastering the art of composition.

Recently, Kenny drove across America documenting the vast diversity in lifestyles and environments. A few photos from this expedition and other great works can be found at www.kennethlongthomas.com


Kiss Mama

Dear America,

Black is back.

Copenhagen street artist Kiss Mama is on the attack reaching beyond Denmark to paste up Berlin, Milan, London and New York just for starters. She adorns lamp posts, utility boxes and the questioning minds of urban life.

How to spot a real Kiss Mama, go to www.kissmama.dk


Jan Baracz "Live Video"

Jan Baracz, a Polish native who has been in New York since 1981, originally focused on film before dedicating to fine arts. His bachelors from New York University is complemented with a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from Bard College and an independent study program from the Whitney Museum of Fine Art. P.S.1/Clocktower Gallery, The Brooklyn Museum and Basel International Art Fair feature Jan’s work. Jan’s most current video voyeurism, Live Video, is a direct feed of reality cinema from a New York store front. It is currently on view thru December 13 at

Art in General
79 Walker Street
New York NY 10013




Batiste Madalena: Hand-Painted Film Posters for the Eastman Theater, 1924-1928

Batiste Madalena (American, b. Italy, 1902–1988) designed and hand-paint film posters for The United States third- largest theater in Rochester, NY. Within a four-year period between 1924-1928 Madalena created over 1,400 unique works before the theater changed management. On average he created 8 new works per week. Batiste rescued 250 of these posters from the trash behind the theater. In the 1980s his discovery brought the attention of critics and collectors, and soon made him one of the most celebrated advertising artists for moving pictures. The Moma now features 53 works on display.

Batiste Madalena: Hand-Painted Film Posters for the Eastman Theater, 1924–1928
October 15, 2008–April 6, 2009

Titus Theater 1 Lobby Gallery, T1
Titus Theater 2 Lobby Gallery, T2

Batiste Madalena. Poster for Loves of Carmen. 1927. Tempera on poster board. Courtesy of Judith and Steven Katten



Rod Stewart Loves the Hamptons

Suckers! Did Groupe (www.groupe1620.com) really think that Rod’s love would disappear.

Actually it is quite opposite! The new claim is not mellow yellow but passionate “Rhytmn to My Heart” pink.

So who is “Rod Stewart?” He really gets around...looks like this guy is racking in the greens. Huum, could he be the culprit to his own monetary success?

Groupe, “Some Guys Have All The Luck!” and that drab black wall needs a bit of character. Let the ultimate Groupe strike again...



De la Vega "Become Your Dream"

In a world of trying times I look to my feet only to discover inspiration from New York’s Side Walk Philosopher De La Vega. With hope, onward I see fellow citizens picking up their pace and smiling with faith.

For more De La Vega love, visit his St. Marks store or website at: