LOST: 17 March 2011 in London

Putting out a notice as one would do for a lost pet in the neighborhood.  Well fashion sympathetic, social media crew here's the deal....

Vanishing last Thursday between the IP solicitor's in Moorgate and meeting the developers at The Hospital Club this silk scarf has pulled a runner!

So much for double knotting adornment to a classic Mulberry Elgin tote

Please if you have found it, a return would be greatly appreciated.

On the up, at least I've still got my grandmother for awhile longer even though I seem to keep loosing her gifts.

Oddly, this footage is from a movement study last year on textiles.


From the 33rd Floor: TImes Square

Photoetching on Paper:

It was an early morning about 6:30am in Manhattan's Time Square on a bright summer's day.  From such great heights, there was absolute silence, not a single cab driver's honk could be heard.  Worker ants rushed for the day ahead. The rising sun cast shadows down the avenue as the streets waited their turn.

Day break: 

High time:



A Lot Of Patterns

Ying Wu is a textile designer from Central Saint Martins who's work I admire for it's realistic fantasy and use of subtle colours.  She is currently obtaining her MA from Royal College of Arts and hosts a website very  appropriately called "A Lot Of Patterns."  

Check out these most recent scarves titled Waddenson Manor, 2011


F. Scott's Flappers

Officially a victim of the status-quo.  The Foyles edition is just - well umh - the covers are killer!  

Embossed textures and foil treatments in art nuevo patterns these covers will be finding the Penguin collection at charity shops soon. 

With F. Scott being the favorite, a replacement set has been on the wish list since November 2011. Resisting temptation with pictures for now.  


"Makeshift Monuments"

Struggling to figure out which was is up, down, right or left these days? No worries. According to photographer Diane Bielik "With the passing of time, we must throw things away - edit."

Challenge: there is no right - there is no wrong.  Edit to unlearn and relearn from a new view.


Will Trade Legs For Wings

Q. Who doesn't want to pretend to have wings?

Q. Who hasn't dreamt of being Tinkerbell?

A. Who didn't love grade school science?


Taxidermy & Sequins

Hummmm it seems that the flyer/business card was misplaced, probably so fond of the image it was made into a collage.  So what to do, "google-it!"

Not the original Cassandra Smith of this hunt but a real find at that - found here.

Finally, the solution has become clear and the living room could survive dad's future plans.  A perfect solution for last year's trophy, a 2,000lb elk head from the hunt.

Untitled, 2006, Mixed Media 4ft x 4ft 

Fish, 2008, Plastic Fish, Sequins and paint coming in at 4.5 x 4.5ft 

Antelope, 2008, Mixed Media, 3ft x 4ft 

Just the beginning of many inspiring ideas.  Visit Cassandra here


LFW: Texture Take

Part III