An Ideal Bird

Oh how this is a major wish list - so creamy with perfectly raised polka dots.  Buttery smooth with just the right amount of blending left unfinished. 


Ice Ice Baby!

Yes,  as a produce of the 80's that was necessary.  Now that that streak of lamo is over, let's get on with the point. 

Q. When a state so great in size it could swallow the UK in whole and the world's number one soda pop brand join forces with a typical Texas energy provider what do you get?

A. ICE!, a million pound ice sculpture of Charlie Brown Christmas at the Gaylord Texan presented by Coca-Cola and sponsored by Reliant Energy.

A little disappointed that the yearly episode was aired so early on 15 December allowed the perfect opportunity for the rents to embrace the inner childhood in real time.  Nearly 30 and the oldest child by far in TX (aka Texas) sight - the breading ground where over the top, larger than life hair brain creations are the norm- on the day. 

Q. So how did this unpredicatable 14.000 square foot winter festival survive the south's sun?

A. A group of 40 visiting artisans from Harbin, China chizzled away for 34 days at 400 pound blocks of ice in a 9 degree tent pumped with cold hearted love - parkas provided for all the Smurfs.

How's that for stimulating the economy! For all of other dreamers out there, here is a sneaky peek of the potential for possibilities this gay kid will be conjuring up in the year to come!