"....the most sensual woman anyone ever saw." Ernest Hemingway

Freda Josephine McDonald, better known as Josephine Baker (3 June, 1906), dropped out of school at the age of 12 to pursue a career as a dancer. She later ventured from St. Louis to New York City during the Harlem Renaissance in the early 1920s and became the highest-paid chorus girl in vaudeville. Moving abroad, Baker performed at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees in Paris appearing on stage nude, winning her instance success at the forefront of the Exposition des Arts Decoratifs or "Art Deco."

Despite Baker's success in Europe starring in three films Siren of the Tropics (1927), Zouzou (1934) and Princesse Tam Tam (1935), a glowing reputation as a singer and the muse of contemporary authors, painters, designers and sculptors (Langston Hughes, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso and Christian Dior) she never gained near the reputation in America she had in Europe.

With her rising popularity in France, during World War II Baker avoided the Nazi's harm and instead used this advantage to smuggle intelligence to the resistance in Portugal. She did so by using invisible ink coded within her sheet music. Fidel Castro later invited her to perform at the Teatro Musical de La Habana in 1966. She became the first American-born woman to receive the highest French military honor, the Croix de Guerre.

Baker served as an activist during the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s, protesting against racism, adopting 12 multi-ethnic orphans known as the "Rainbow Tribe, in Las Vegas, Nevade she refused to perfrom for segragated audiences and in 1951 made charges again New York's Stork Club where she was refused services. She also worked with the NAACP and in 1963 spoke at the March on Washington alongside of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Amongst other things, in 1973 Baker opened at Carnegie Hall to a standing ovation. Jean-Claude and Jarry, two of Baker's adopted sons, run the restaurant Chez Josephine on Theatre Row,which celebrates Baker's life and works. She is notiby famous her "Charleston" dance performance at the Folies Bergère, Paris.

Chez Josephine is located at:
414 W 42nd St
New York, NY 10036
(212) 594-1925


Lights, Camera, Action


Gilbert Rohde "Boomerange" 1941

Paldao-series post World War II American furniture, manufactured by Herman Miller Furniture Company


One hot zombie, bite me please!

In love with the whole look!


Kohamcia Moy Mieskia

Emade feat. Sokół - Dam Ci przeżyć

Today I had the most amazing, eye opening experience...

Larry Gibbs is 29 years old, has had 7 chemotherapy treatments to no avail and now had 2-4 months to live with only one goal, to change the life of at least one person and show them that life if to short to carry on without faith and passion until being confronted in the face of uncertainty. He has surrender his remaining days for this purpose, yet despite dropping from 240lbs to 136 in weeks each day he serves. After the morning's breakfast of 33 pills and 5 injections in the stomach, the day begins wearing 40lbs of clothing to bear the New York winter. A dear friend Maria will meet Larry at the volunteer soup kitchen. In hopes of spreading his mission, Maria, a Swiss filmmaker, will soon began documenting his journey. In such times as these it is easy to get swept away by the pressures of society as those loosing their jobs, houses and cars think life has come to an end. For Larry, work has only just began...

Dying To Get Old


Where does it begin?



Culture before your eyes

and that my love is the mastery of
"Goodbye freedom fighter"
Vivienne Westwood

Afternoon tea in the garden

Wish list outfit from the Topshop Spring 2009 collection. Really I don't need the shoes they are similar colours to a Paul Smith pair of wingtips in the closet. However, these have heels!!!


Asphyxiation Animation

Classic game...
Bruce Nauman
Dia: Beacon




Super Human Powers?

huuum I think I will go vegan today, that is it... and oh yes audition for Mad Men.

Read the full International Herald Tribune article from Pitti Uomo on Thom Browne here


2010 Predictions

Based the trends at Première Vision New York this is how the future looks... Spring/Summer 2010

Buttons: muted pastel with gold inserts, rectangular or oval wooden , leather knots and professor styles
Trims: silver and metallic yarns in lace braids
Prints: Punchy minimalist and modern repeats in wide and over sized layouts and watercolor fades

Fabric Finishes: muted shine, iridescent, and ripple (wrinkled unpressed) effects and ultra matte

Vintage inspired "luxury rags": layered organic laces in soft beige and tinted pinks (mauve mist, sand rose, complexion, face powder, petal and shell)
Chiffon: with graphic over prints (vintage and pop floral, baroque repeats and watercolors)
Jersey: woven stripes in micro thin gauges
Irregularities: spaced inconsistency lace weaves with digital print overlays
Plaids: candy like colourations paired with discrete, classic pinstripe suiting
Checks: thin line works in small repeat scales, very classic and refined
Blue Graphics: lots and lots of blue hues (ink, delft, turquoise, fair weather and storm)
Witty Boldness: 2 -3 color basic and clean prints in bright primary colours

1. Utopian: Return to heritage
Design is inspired by ideals and alternatives; indigenous cultures of Oceania and Africa are all interpreted within a modern context. Coastal extremes, Aboriginal art and African aesthetics present a pleasing clash of values and blend of cultural unity. Tribal rhythms are balanced with innovative use of natural materials and resources.
2. Conscious and Natural
The calm and sophisticated traveler cruising the Riviera, whisking away by air and embarking on classic train journeys. It's a return to old world values and ethics as classic styles are revisited with bespoke alternatives.
3. Free spirited
"Retro" neo-hippy and carefree attitude. Imagine the all American road trip along Highway 5's coastline and nights in California motels. Inspiration steaming from vintage postcards, poolside images, Hawaiian beaches and Janis Joplin. Lightweight and airy chiffon fabrics with floral prints.
4. Kinetic Crossovers
The ebbs and flows of energy and movement. Dance and athletic wear transitioning into everyday apparel as lifestyles morph with the use of intelligent textile fabrications. Traditional sports collide head on with into effortless street wear.

Not Victoria's Secret

Posh, the new face of Armani Lingerie.


Men in skirts

Very resourceful book even if you are not into plaids. Covers the history of tartans, clans and the dress of highlanders.

Buy it on Amazon


Recongnize geeezzaa! Poofsters strike cilla black!

Gilbert meet George, George meet Gilbert = Gilbert & George

It's was one Mental bash of Sperm Eaters from that point forward, they were two peas in a pod or as they prefer to be called "two poofs ."

Gilbert came from Italy, George was born in Plymouth, England. They meet in London at St. Martins School of Arts during 1967 and became inseparable "living sculptures." Now they are infamous for their random yet highly formal dress sense and being from the East End. Which if you have never been to the East End think Lonsdale track suits, trainers, council estates and cockney rhyming slang. They are quite the oddity in previous times but as the borough evolves, the fashion brigade moves in and it is apparent they were onto something long ago.

Their works frequently involve nudity, exchanging of bodily fluids and religion. Slowly their media switched from sculpture to film to print and now have evolved into digital production.

At first they only used black and white, unsure how to incorporate color the "louder" red was implemented in 1974. Today one might call it a brilliant array of eccentric British-ness, they prefer to symbolize a different meaning with each color unanimous to the individual work.

As of Sunday, their works are no longer on view at the Brooklyn Museum. However, Tate Modern houses many of Gilbert & George's works. I fancy a trip back to LDN, pronto!


How to get a killer backside

This could be me, or you, if we don't get our booties to Bikram yoga ASAP! In the event you thought slip on curves was an alternative, here are 10 benefits I have received from Bikram yoga (beyond the obvious - flexibility, peace of mind, a supportive group of yogis... the list is endless).

1. I'm a monster when left to my own devices. All of the sudden the littlest thing is the biggest event in the world when my mind goes formulating on its' own. Bikram has taught me how to react calmly and non emotionally in the face of confrontation. Now when my salad which was specifically ordered without onions is loaded with them, instead of loosing my cool I just pick them out.
2. When the thought "OMG open the freakin door, no way can I possible stay in this hot room in this precarious posture one iota of a second longer" by chance the teacher taps into their telepathy and makes the class wait longer than prescribed. Shockingly, I find that I'm alive and during the second set the reflection in the mirror is of physical and mental strength.
3. I actually breath! Little did I know that my lungs could hold so much oxygen. Apart from practicing pranayama breathing in class, it implements well into all other forms of exercise or even as a way to decrease stress. Amazing how long I can stay under water, run or even blow up birthday balloons without passing out.
4. I have a set of earplugs that conveniently find themselves right where needed. Forget that the busiest cross town street in Manhattan is just a stone throw below the windows, drunks are screaming until wee hours, sirens go off every other minute and the hookah lounge below thinks I want to hear top of the charts (ha-ha) like it was being preformed at the footstool of the bed. Thanks to regulation of the sleep-wake cycle, I'm out for the night.
5. Think of an English bulldog. They are tenacious and stubborn, when they decide they want something consider it done. An increase in concentration and determination are definite side effects of finding one's way through 90 minutes of extreme heat and sometimes unpleasant aromas.
6. I can just be, without fidgeting. No more nail biting, hair twisting or pointless chatter as I have learned that I do not need a drink right this very second, the towel only looks like it needs picked up and the hair flying away is going no where without first the wind draft to move it.
7. No matter what was bothering me before I went into class, forget about it. Once class is finished I feel like a million dollars. Nothing could possibly stand in the way of floating on clouds in the name of relaxation.
8. There are some nasty toxins on the yoga mat. Thank goodness they are NOT in my body any more!
9. Healthy choices extend outside of class. Texans love Mexican food. However, a burrito stuck like a ton of bricks in the belly really causes problems that look like a small baby lodged right about mid section and kicks like a full grown soccer player right simultaneously as the instructor says "suck in your abs." Instead I save it and the tequila shots for the holidays with the family.
10. The ultimate reason - Bikram yogis have a hell of a booty! The view from the back row of class is priceless. (The distraction is just so that have to I resort to the front row!)

No one wants to have to resort falsities in any form, but if that is your chosen path these knickers in the photo are on sale for $9.99 at a your nearest fashion crisis retailer.

Check out:
Bikram Yoga LES


January in New York


Eclipse of the era

A week's wait passed as Saturday morning snow grazed the surfaces. Passing moments on the marble slabs, sketching, glazing onward at the rendezvous shared by many more in motion. Imagining long lost times when dandies and quanitrelles rushes to and fro, all things come alive. Such breathtaking interior, one of few found westward. Entrancing turquoise skylines bearing astrological beginnings that echo whispers from the chambers and liberate individuals as the golden clock strikes. Scurrying off to the platform, the conductor's bell rings as the steam engine rolls onward alongside the Hudson.

What secrets are shared on the reverse of these photographs, did the recipient ever receive the notice and who's hands have they crossed along their journey to the current placement. Ranging from the early 1900s to the post-War era, Zoe Leonard's collection of postcards bearing Niagara Falls images, You see I am here after all, can be found at the Dia: Beacon through September 2, 2009. It would have been much more intriguing had they been hung so that both sides were visible.

These correspondences, all of the same natural site, uniquely reflect the photographers vantage point and the senders renditions. Slowly pulling into the station, who will write home? Are the temporals leaving or coming?

A memoir has collegiated in the dwelling. With each reach for the tea's milk smirks and laughter enlighten the days. Who's will then collect mine from the flea markets in years to come?

In this instance, a segment of Andy Warhol's 102 paintings titled Shadows taken from in front of the gray settee sat on in previous hours has been chosen. When the gardens reopen, we shall return book in hand for a day in the life of leisure.


I need ya, I love ya

Just who is Imagina Lopez?

Maria Dolores Lopez is a profound, strong and independent women who exchanged her high profile editor lifestyle in Switzerland to follow her true dream and passion for film making in NYC. She is love, she is creativity, she is the idea.

“Love is like Heroin! You fly high – but the plunge into the depths is deeper. Love is full of expectations. It would be cool, if a shower existed, in which instead of water you would shower with carefreeness, self peace, contentedness, fulfillment. Would love to have this shower in orange, yellow and red 60's style tiles. But the chances, that this specific shower will be invented, is so probable like a visible atom, walking down the street. Huh. Love is so much! Love has opposites. Lovesickness. It leads to have a uncontrolled heart. Love is totally irrational! “ MDL


Don't Mind If I Do

and I'll add this one to the wish list too!

Mulberry Travel Accessories
Large Makeup Tote £100

The Triple "P" Temptation: Pink Poppy Purse

Sadly, my wallet got jacked in Harlem. It was my favorite, a tan Italian leather with printed floral design in brown hues. It has now been four months and this brilliant Mulberry Pink Poppy one might just be able to replace it. On sale from £244.68 (odd pricing) for £175...dreaming, dreaming...


New York Designers' Meetup Group

New Yorkers,

Meet other local designers and talk about everything from textile weaving and printing techniques, Pantone colors, software programs, latest trends, art exhibitions or even tea for that matter. Simply aimed at stimulating creative inspiration for New York's design minded!

click here

10 Things Most Men Do Wrong

1. A well skilled tailor is more valuable than your best friend, lover or pet. Get recommendations. Ask the best dressed gentleman in the room who he uses and with a little love there may be hope for you too.

2. When buying a suit use the 3 f's rule - form, fit and function: Europeans achieve refined sophistication by buying suits for longevity. They tend to lean towards more classic tailoring, often without pleats and if so they opt for pleats on both sides of the suit jackets. Americans tend to buy multiple poorly tailored suits a year, do yourself a favor and invest the money that would be spent on three suits on one that last for decades.

3. Don't forget to put a pochette (pocket squares) in the suit jackets. It should either be folded neatly or grabbed in the center and then the ends are tucked inside the pocket resembling a small pleated balloon shape peaking out of the pocket. If they are cotton or linen they should be gently ironed.

4. Dress shoes DO NOT have rubber soles, only leather. One simple rule, buy Italian.

5. Dress shirts should always have french cuffs and a killer pair of cufflinks that cheekly peak out a half of an inch beyond the suit jacket.

6. Never spend a single penny on cuffed pants or else you run the risk of looking like a grandpa. Plus they make the wearer look short and wide. Opt for lean, or at least give the illusion of looking ten pounds lighter, by not buying into cuffs. Pants should gently graze the top of the wearer's shoes.

7. Know the difference between Windsor and Prince Albert knots. Implement where appropriate.

8. Ankle socks are for the gym only.

9. Don't get to matchy-matchy. Experiment by mixing and matching patterns. Neckwear and pochettes are not intended to be the same color, material or pattern rather they complement each other.

10. If you are not comfortable and confident in your ensemble selection forget about it.

Première Vision New York

New York, Come join me for my favorite time of the year!

Preregister at www.premierevision-newyork.com

Location: Altman Building & Metropolitian Pavilion (Halls A & B) 125-135 West, 18th Street New York, NY 10011
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 / 9 am - 6 pm
Thursday, January 15, 2009 / 9 am - 5 pm

Première Vision France

10-13 FEB. 2009



Pink Bunnies Are Following Me!

Yet another furry, pink friend has crossed my path today as I meandered down East 1st Street, mere steps beyond the humble abode.

"We Are Happening" by Julius Klein

I dream in colour...

Pretty in Pink and the right pink. Not cyclamen, magenta or fuchsia rather the brilliant orange hue, coral inspired salmon. This bunny is the new money, goodbye ole' piggy bank!

£35 at Paul Smith

Made in Japan :)
28cm tall
100% Plastic! (recycled?)

Russian Crimial Tattoo Encyclopedia

How you ever seen David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises (2007)? Yes, please feed my sick and twisted needs! Straight from the theater to the main source, Russian Criminal Encyclopedia Vol II .

This weekend I spent a lovely day with a partner in crime, talking for hours about all things that fascinates me? Is it possible that this could be, my head was left spinning like a fiend for more culture, design and art.

I must, I must complete the collection off to Amazon I go. I have learned I have quite an asset in Vol II now worth $150. My dear, the first edition is a dream at $400! For $21 Vol III is obtainable but how I love order and completeness... thank you Paul Smith for making creating a double edge sword, the demand of cult following burning desire in my pockets and confirming I was well on track two years ago :)

Oh and of course, I must not forget that Paul is my idol. Thanks for making those in the know look good and carrying the complete collection for a mere £30 each!

Ensure your cock and balls remain in tack! Look, listen and learn or loose your life saving on Amazon: (get a steal on the First Edition and Vol II from Pauly!)

Buy The First Edition by clicking here
Buy Vol II by clicking here
Buy Vol III by clicking here


This has been going on a long time...

Over the holidays I found boxes of old slides from my first photography class in 2000 labeled A Graves! Some loves never fade.