Recongnize geeezzaa! Poofsters strike cilla black!

Gilbert meet George, George meet Gilbert = Gilbert & George

It's was one Mental bash of Sperm Eaters from that point forward, they were two peas in a pod or as they prefer to be called "two poofs ."

Gilbert came from Italy, George was born in Plymouth, England. They meet in London at St. Martins School of Arts during 1967 and became inseparable "living sculptures." Now they are infamous for their random yet highly formal dress sense and being from the East End. Which if you have never been to the East End think Lonsdale track suits, trainers, council estates and cockney rhyming slang. They are quite the oddity in previous times but as the borough evolves, the fashion brigade moves in and it is apparent they were onto something long ago.

Their works frequently involve nudity, exchanging of bodily fluids and religion. Slowly their media switched from sculpture to film to print and now have evolved into digital production.

At first they only used black and white, unsure how to incorporate color the "louder" red was implemented in 1974. Today one might call it a brilliant array of eccentric British-ness, they prefer to symbolize a different meaning with each color unanimous to the individual work.

As of Sunday, their works are no longer on view at the Brooklyn Museum. However, Tate Modern houses many of Gilbert & George's works. I fancy a trip back to LDN, pronto!