I need ya, I love ya

Just who is Imagina Lopez?

Maria Dolores Lopez is a profound, strong and independent women who exchanged her high profile editor lifestyle in Switzerland to follow her true dream and passion for film making in NYC. She is love, she is creativity, she is the idea.

“Love is like Heroin! You fly high – but the plunge into the depths is deeper. Love is full of expectations. It would be cool, if a shower existed, in which instead of water you would shower with carefreeness, self peace, contentedness, fulfillment. Would love to have this shower in orange, yellow and red 60's style tiles. But the chances, that this specific shower will be invented, is so probable like a visible atom, walking down the street. Huh. Love is so much! Love has opposites. Lovesickness. It leads to have a uncontrolled heart. Love is totally irrational! “ MDL