Men Under Construction

Its aim is to broaden the field of study, by providing the viewpoints of personalities from the artistic and cultural world. Writers, philosophers, journalists, visual artists, photographers, film makers and even a lawyer – altogether, some 22 international signatures, both men and women - shed light on many different facets of the multiple man of the 21st century

The book is elaborated in four themes:
• Woman is the future of man (Aragon)
• No future?
• Men and fashion
• Heroes

and includes a central part bringing together a new, reformulated synthesis of the two prior phases of the study

Edited in a large format, using exceptional quality paper, « men under construction » puts the emphasis on images. Each theme is illustrated by a portfolio of photographs in black and white created by major international artists.

Book in both french and English – printed in 6 colours - layout 240 x 320 mm – 164 pages
Availability: January 10th, 2009. Co-edited by the publishing house « Editions du Regard