Ephemeral Invincibility

As a dreamer, spontaneity awakes for a pleasant surprise as solid arrangements allow for pondering. Methodical rituals were preformed as the finishing touch goes on without notice; an elegant silk chiffon ensemble graces over sexuality, yet to be divulged to the handsome suitor waiting. Their eyes interlock as boisterous voices faded to a low chorus, barely audible. His words, those that linger into a mesmerizing trance, gratified every last compulsion. Minutes disappeared into hours, the words flow into verses. Solace fills the room, his masculinity lifting to all new heights. Blindly unaware of the evening's duration, he places her to rest and whispers "I will not be gone long." Throughout the evening, not even a glimpse of darkness was exposed between their fingers. The separation was startling as a shadow walks past the entry way. Longing for his return, she falls back to sleep.