Bringing Out The Hagglers For Recession Specials

Q. Where were England's housewives during the early mornings of September 1980?
A. Nepicar Farm, Wrotham Heath, Kent at the world's first "Boot Fair" or "Boot Sale" aka Car Boot Sale.

Originated by Barry Peverett this new source of weekend entertainment memorized the nation, drawing crowds to rummage through "another man's trash" and find their treasures.

Q. What originates in urban neighborhood city blocks on the entry ways of rows of brownstone houses?
A. The answer Bob is what is New York's equivalent to a Car Book Sale, a Stoop Sale.

Remove the baggage or acquire more: www.stoopsales.com

Q. What is an open air bazaar where 17th century barters made out with steals often much more valuable than the price negotiated?
A. Marché aux puces