Eternal Optimism

Yesterday, I soared home watching the passing miles below and my creativity was taken to a new height by the patterns that emerged. Funny how the sections of land change color and shapes as roads divide into grids and rivers wind natural irregularities into the man made complexity we have implemented in our lives. The clouds make interesting movement in their solitude.

To my left a young passenger embarked on his first venture to New York City, only his second flight in life. Numerous times before I have been at this altitude but never thought of it from this perspective. With ten years more trials underway, I could only encourage him to follow his dreams at all costs. The words "love so large that you want to shrink" ring true in many forms.

Today, I hold a sketch book filled with new life and thank him for transpiring that radiant energy once again. May the new year foster that same youthful optimism eternally for all.